Capturing Brenya Twumasi: A Story of Service at St. Mary’s University

Hey there! Ever wondered what true dedication and service look like? Lucero Salinas Photography recently had the incredible opportunity to capture the essence of service and inspiration at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, with the remarkable Brenya Twumasi. You might know her as the recipient of the U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022 for her tireless dedication to serving communities.

Brenya’s journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Hailing from Ghana, she started her first corporation at the age of 11, setting the stage for a life dedicated to service. From mentoring students at the University of Texas at San Antonio to receiving accolades for her work in law, criminal justice, and psychology, Brenya’s commitment to making a difference is evident. Lucero Salinas Photography had the honor of capturing Brenya’s spirit and dedication during her time at St. Mary’s University, where she shared insights on her life’s work, including her initiatives aiding vulnerable children and advocating for justice. Her vibrant energy and passion for community service were palpable throughout the session, reminding us all to embrace the flow of life while making a positive impact on the world.
Brenya Twumasi’s story is a testament to the power of service and dedication. Lucero Salinas Photography is grateful for the opportunity to encapsulate Brenya’s remarkable journey and commitment to making the world a better place, one moment at a time. Keep an eye out for more inspiring stories like Brenya’s, reminding us all to find joy in the process of making a difference!

Feel free to reach out to Lucero Salinas Photography to capture your own inspiring moments and stories. After all, every moment holds the potential to inspire and create change!
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